By Roland Williams Standards Officer Thursday, February 14 2013

WELCOME to our twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. If you are now arriving, you would have missed what is known as “the greatest show on earth” — TT Carnival. Now that the season is over, one may ask: what else does Trinidad have to offer?

Trinidad and Tobago is an amazingly diverse tourist destination. There is something to do every day of the week, such as hiking through the Northern Range, which can lead to the discovery of breathtaking waterfalls. For those who are more adventurous, there is also Paria and Rio Seco along the north coast.

For those who prefer other sites and attractions there is the Waterloo Temple on the Sea, Devil’s Woodyard Mud Volcano, Fort George and the world-renowned Pitch Lake in La Brea. For bird lovers, take a trip to our Caroni Bird Sanctuary, Asa Wright Nature Resort Centre and Pointe-a- Pierre Wild Fowl Trust.

Tobago also has a wide range of exciting activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, parasailing and snorkeling; where you can see a variety of colourful, tropical fish even in shallow water. One can also enjoy Tobago’s magnificent beaches, which include Englishman’s Bay, King’s Bay and Mount Irving, to name a few.

With so much to see and do, choosing a TTTIC-certified Tour Guide or Tour Operator is essential to fully appreciating what this small island has to offer. The Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Industry Certification Programme is a collaboration between the TTBS, the Tourism Development Company and the Tobago House of Assembly. It is designed to ensure that Tourism Operators provide an acceptable level of service, thus improving the quality of the tourist experience in Trinidad and Tobago. The programme certifies five categories of service providers through the use of national voluntary standards, which include TTS 579:2009 – for Tour Guides, TTS 296:2008 – for Tourist and Land Transport Providers, TTS 22:Part 1:2006 – for Hotels and Guesthouses, and TTS 580:2009 – for Tour Operators.

Some of the many advantages to be gained from using a TTTIC- certified Tour Guide are that they all:

• Possess a wealth of knowledge regarding Trinidad and Tobago’s various tourist attractions and rich cultural heritage.

• Display a high sense of professionalism while on tour.

• Ensure that safety checks are completed on emergency equipment and that headcounts are done on a regular basis throughout the tour.

• Are proficient in using First Aid to handle any type of medical emergency on the field.

• Provide the reassurance that you and your loved ones are guaranteed coverage under the Tour Guide’s Public Liability Insurance in case of any unforeseen situations.

If you prefer a TTTIC-certified Tour Operator, which is also a good choice, they will provide you with a variety of tour packages that will allow you to understand and enjoy the exquisiteness of Trinidad and Tobago. Some of these tours include city tours, nature tours and historical tours.

Some of the many advantages to be gained from using TTTIC- certified Tour Operators are that they all:

• Have contingency plans in place to handle any unforeseen situations such as sickness, injury, adverse weather conditions or natural disasters.

• Ensure that the quality of service provided meets the customer’s expectations at all times.

• Have Public Liability Coverage to guarantee the safety of the tour party.

• Ensure that safety equipment is well maintained, cleaned and in good working condition.

To fully enjoy the ‘Trini experience’ it is recommended that you choose someone who is TTTIC- certified. By doing so, rest assured you are in the capable hands of a competent and highly trained professional. One should also note that all TTTIC-certified operators can be clearly identified through their ID badges, Decals and Certificates.

TTTIC-certified Tourism Operators can be contacted through the use of the TTTIC Directory. This directory can be acquired through the TDC or can be viewed on our website at

For further information, please contact: Roland Williams, Standards Officer 1, Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards. 1-2 Century Drive, Trincity Industrial Estate, Macoya, Tunapuna, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. Telephone: 662-8827 Ext.168.  Email:


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