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From our electrical testing base, we provide reports for a variety of electrical products from a range of documented standard requirements. The testing results, assessments and measurements have provided us with a wealth of information from which we can offer consultancy services and training.

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– Testing Services –

Test Rubber Gloves and Hot Sticks

Energy Efficiency Testing of LEDs and CFLs

Fault Analysis of Electrical Products

Test Electrical Cables for Standard Conformance

Test Automotive Batteries for Standard Conformance

Test Electrical Products for Electrical Safety and Performance


All tests are conducted in strict accordance with national and/or international standards.
View list of accredited tests | Confidentiality Policy | Impartiality Policy


– Benefits –

• Enhanced competitiveness and efficiency
• Provide accurate, reliable and consistent test results
• Facilitate access to regional international markets
• Inspire greater customer confidence and promote increased customer satisfaction
• Improve overall business performance

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Tel: (868) 662-8827 Ext 2367, 2368, 2375 | electrical-products.lab@ttbs.org.tt

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