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Product Certification

The Trinidad and Tobago Bureau Standards (TTBS) is the National Body for Quality Certification as declared in the Standards Act No. 18 of 1997. We can certify products to various national, regional and international standards.

Product certification is a means of providing assurance that products comply with specified requirements in standards and/or other normative documents. It may also facilitate product differentiation and market access. Some certification schemes are mandatory and subject to legal enforcement.

Parties that have an interest in certification include, but are not limited to:

a)     the customers of the organizations whose products are certified;
b)     governmental authorities;
c)     non-governmental organizations; and
d)     consumers and other members of the public.

Product certification schemes may include testing, inspection, assessment of the suppliers’ quality management systems, and market surveillance activities.

A certified product carries the Trinidad and Tobago Standard Mark | Schedule of Regulatory Fees

List of Product Certification Clients:
Liquid Chlorine Bleach
Roofing Sheets (Zinc And Aluminium-Zinc Alloy Coated Steel Sheets)
Steel Framing Members (this includes purlins, truss chords, girts, studs, runners etc.)
Hollow Clay Blocks
Good management practices for MSMEs

Register of Certificates and Licenses

For further information contact: Certification Division
Telephone: 868-662-8827 ext. 2221
Fax: 868-663-4335

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