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Draft Trinidad & Tobago Voluntary Standards For Agricultural Produce

The Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards has issued the following draft voluntary standards for Public Comment. Members of the public are invited to review and provide feedback on the draft documents. PCTTS 660-1:20XX, Agricultural produce –  Grading – Part 1: Requirements for  hot peppers Read-only access to the draft...

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Online Training On ISO15189:2022 Medical Laboratories – Requirements For Quality & Competence

This training programme is intended to assist laboratories, that either have established or is currently establishing the International Standard ISO 15189:2022 – Medical laboratories – Requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories in its organization, to understand the changes in this version of the Standard. Click here to...

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TTS 664:2022, Wastewater Reuse – Agricultural and other Applications – Requirements

This standard establishes the sampling, testing and maximum permissible limits (MPL) for key parameters related to wastewater reuse in the following classes pertaining to agriculture and landscape irrigation:

  1. Class A –
  2. Irrigation of crops to be eaten uncooked;
  3. Landscape irrigation of all public green areas including but not limited to gardens, sport fields, golf courses and parks without access limitation; and
  • Washing of enclosures for animals.
NOTE     The irrigation of crops refers to the application of treated wastewater prior to harvest.
  1. Class B – Irrigation of cereal crops, industrial crops, fodder crops, pasture, trees and crops to be eaten cooked only.
NOTE: Rice is a cereal crop and sugarcane is an industrial crop.
  1. Class C –
  2. Localized irrigation of areas without public access; and
  3. Crops in Class B if exposure of workers does not occur.
NOTE 1      Fodder crops and pasture are not included in Class C. NOTE 2      Areas without public access include forest and areas of vegetative recuperation. The standard does not provide the permissible limits for wastewater reuse for industrial or construction applications; cleaning roads or buildings; potable water or any other form of reuse not specified in this standard. Status: Current | Published: 2022

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Expression of Interest (EOI) – Auditors and Technical Experts

The Certification Division of the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS) is currently expanding its pool of external auditors and technical experts and is inviting expressions of interest from suitably qualified parties. Click on the hyperlinks below for further details. Terms of Reference for Auditors and Technical Experts Standard...

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Expression of Interest (EOI) – Consultancy for the Preparation of TTBS’ Certification Division for Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17065

The Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS) invites individual consultants to indicate their interest in providing consulting services for the preparation of our Certification Division for Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17065. Click on the hyperlinks below for further details. Terms of Reference for ISO/IEC 17065 Consultancy Standard Forms for EOI...

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Governance Standards Aid In Fight Against Corruption

Date: December 9th, 2021. In acknowledgement of International Anti-Corruption Day 2022, the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS) is calling on all organizations to build a foundation of good governance in the fight against corruption. Through the International Standard, ISO 37000:2021, Governance of organizations – Guidance, organizations and their...

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TTS/ISO 37301:2022, Compliance management systems — Requirements with guidance for use

This document specifies requirements and provides guidelines for establishing, developing, implementing, evaluating, maintaining and improving an effective compliance management system within an organization. This document is applicable to all types of organizations regardless of the type, size and nature of the activity, as well as whether the organization is from the public, private or non-profit sector. All requirements specified in this document that refer to a governing body apply to top management in cases where an organization does not have a governing body as a separate function. Status: Current | Published: 2022

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TTS/ISO 37002:2022, Whistleblowing management systems — Guidelines

This document gives guidelines for establishing, implementing and maintaining an effective whistleblowing management system based on the principles of trust, impartiality and protection in the following four steps:

  1. a) receiving reports of wrongdoing;
  2. b) assessing reports of wrongdoing;
  3. c) addressing reports of wrongdoing;
  4. d) concluding whistleblowing cases.
The guidelines of this document are generic and intended to be applicable to all organizations, regardless of type, size, nature of activity, and whether in the public, private or not-for profit sectors. The extent of application of these guidelines depends on the factors specified in 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3. The whistleblowing management system can be stand-alone or can be used as part of an overall management system. Status: Current | Published: 2022

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TTS/ISO 37000:2022, Governance of organizations — Guidance

This document gives guidance on the governance of organizations. It provides principles and key aspects of practices to guide governing bodies and governing groups on how to meet their responsibilities so that the organizations they govern can fulfil their purpose. It is also intended for stakeholders involved in, or impacted by, the organization and its governance. It is applicable to all organizations regardless of type, size, location, structure or purpose. Status: Current | Published: 2022

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